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The years in their fateful march 
bring many changes . . . Memories 
fade and die . . . Classmates scatter 
to the far corners of the earth, hut 
this hook will hold within its covers 
a living record of a gay and beloved 

Page Two 


The Seniors proudly dedicate this 
their volume of the PlNE BURR to 

Miss Leanora Gamble 
whose splendid teaching, lovable 
disposition and gracious manner 
have won an everlasting place in 
their hearts. 

Page Three 

Mr. Wiley M. Pickens 

Duke University, University of North Carolina. 

Mr. S. Ray I.owder 


University of North Carolina. 

Mrs. E. E. Adams 

Converse College. 

Mr. Charles S. Miller, Jr. 

Assistant Band Director 

LTniversity of North Carolina. 

Miss Louise Wetmore 

Lenoir-Rhyne College, Queens College. 

Miss Betty Elinor Gosnold 

Lenoir-Rhyne College, University of North Carolina. 

Mr. Fred Grigg 

Duke University. 

Page Four 


Miss Mildred Campbell 


Queens-Chicora College. 

Mr. S.-W. Cashion 


Davidson College. 

Miss I.etha Copeland 

Flora MacDonald College. 

Miss Leancra Gamble 

Brenau College. 

Miss Pearle Haywood 

Meredith College. 

Miss Elizabeth Hoke 

Agnes Scott College. 

Miss Clara Hunsucker 

Lenoir-Rhyne College. 

Mrs. Lyman Lilly 

Greensboro College. 

Miss Sue Jane Mauney 

Music, Civics 
Salem College, 

Miss Frances McClain 

Woman's College, University of X. C. 

Miss Dorothy Miller 

Duke University. 

Miss Mary Wilkie Petrie 

Home Economics 

Woman's College. University of N. C. 

Mrs. E. G. Ramsaur 

Bessie Tift College. University of Virginia. 

Miss Carrie Roseman 

Commercial Courr.js 
Catawba College. 

Mr. A. J. Smith 

Xuiih Carolina State College. 

Page Five 

Pine Burr Staff 

Margaret Beam Editor-in-Chief 

HUBERT YODER Business Manager 

Mary Martha Nixon Circulation Manager 

JOHN GAMBLE Advertising Manager 

MARIE HOUSER Assistant Editor-in-Chief 

MAXINE HAMPTON Assistant Business Manager 

LALA CLONIGER Assistant Circulation Manager 

Dan Hoover Joke Editor 

Kenneth Rudisill Sports Editor 

HAMPTON CHILDS Photographic Editor 

JAMES CHILDS Assistant Photographic Editor 

MlSS BETTY GosnoLD Faculty Adviser 

Page Six 



Senior Class Officers 

John Gamble - President Ethel Dellinger ... Statistician 

P. C. Costner — - — Vice-President Mary Esther Rhyne ....Historian 

Jessie Rtjdisill — Treasurer Dan Stroup Lawyer 

.Mary Nell Hardin - Secretary Mary Self Prophet 


Robert Allison Costner, Jr. Doris Ann Lineberger 

Edith Abernethy 

"A shining smile, golden hair, about 
this little lady is a lovable air." 

Home Economics Club, '35, '36; 
Glee Club, '35, '36; French Club. 


"His words arc bonds: his oaths art- 

Band. '35, '36, '37, '38; Baseball, 
'35, '36; Glee Club, '36, '37; Camera 
Club. '39. 

Leonard Franklin Blanton 

"All I 'cant in this creation is a 
little wife and a big plantation." 

I.e Vendredi, '38; President Fu- 
ture Farmers of America, '39. 

Edna Lee Bumgardner 

"A merry heart, a merry smile 
happy is she all the while." 


"In joys, in grief, in triumph, i, 
retreat, (treat always, without aim 
iiuf to be great." 

Irene Dorothy Avery 

"(Cc meet thee like a pleasant 

Soft Hall, '3d. 

Margaret Beam 

"She held the love of all. life has 
no more to give." 

Editor-in-Chief Pink Burr. '39; 
Juvenile Music Club, '36, '37, '38, 
'39; Secretary Juvenile Music Club. 
'39; Secretary Entre Nous. '39; Wolf 
Reporter, '39; Brainbuster Club. '39; 
Marshal, '38; National Honor So- 


■lie could if he would, but he 
:cou't . " 


"Every man has Ins fault, and 
honesty is Ins." 

Mary Craig Caskey 

■■Chatter, chatter, all the while, but 
everybody lores it." 

Basketball, '37. '38. '39; Captain 
Basketball, '38; Recitation. '36, '37, 
'38. '39; The Bibliophiles, '39; Soft 
Ball. '36; Commercial Club. '38, '39; 
Negro Minstrel, '37. 

Page Nine 

Wade Hampton Childs 

"Leave silence to the saints; I'm but 

Baseball, '36; President Camera 
Club, '39; Photographic Editor Pine 
Burr, '39; Entre Nous, '39; Editor 
Wolf. '38. 


" Boi n for success lie seemed, with 
grace to win. with heart to hold." 

Vice-President Freshman Class, 
'36; President Sophomore Class, '37; 
President Junior Class, '38; Chief 
Marshal, '38; National Honor So- 
ciety, '39; National Honor Society 
Delegate to Chapel Hill. '39; Band, 
'36; Football. '36, '37; Basketball, 
'36, '37, '38, '39; Baseball. '3d; 
Camera Club, '39; Wolf Staff, '38; 
Class Reporter, '36; "L" Club, '38, 
'39; Vice-President "L" Club. '39; 
Entre Nous, '39. 

than be 

Mildred Craig 

he small n 
large and 

id cast a light 
:ast a shadow." 

National Honor Society, '39; The 
Bibliophiles, '39; Home Economics 
Club. '38, '39; President Home Eco- 
nomics Club, '39; Brainbuster Club, 
'39; Camera Club. '39. 

Ethel Mae Dellinger 

"To those -who know thee not, no 
"words can paint, 
And those who knenv thee know all 
words are faint." 

Reporter, '36; Entre Nous, '39; 
Class Statistician, '39; President 
National Honor Society, '39; Secre- 
tary Bibliophiles, '39; Library Club, 



"To make the world a friendly place 
one must show it a friendly face." 

Basketball, '37, '38, '39; Entre 
Nous, '39; Camera Club, '39. 

TF v Ik* " 


James Eben Childs 

"Who mixed wisdom with pleasure 
and reason with mirth." 

Band, '36, '37. '38, '39; Basket- 
ball, '36. '37. '38, '39; Baseball '36. 
'37; National Honor Society, '39; 
Business Manager Wolf, '38; Vice- 
President Entre Nous, '39; Camera 
Club. '39. 


"Success comes in cans, not can'ts.' 

President Freshman Class, '36 

President Sophomore Class, '38 

Vice-President Senior Class. '39 
Football. '37; (dee Club, '36. 

Emily Sue Crowell 

"The fairest garden in her looks and 
in her mind the wisest books." 

Secretary Junior Class, '38; Presi- 
dent Entre Nous, '39; Brainbuster 
Club. '38, '39; Glee Club, '39; Wolf 
Staff, '38; National Honor Society, 
'38, '39; Glee Club Operetta, '38; 
Marshal, '38. 

Edna Denton 

"Be silent and safe — silence never 
betrays you." 

French Club, '38; The Biblio- 
philes, '39. 

Robert Bright Duncan 

"He's a rare good fellow in every 
way, he'll play a good game just 
any ole day." 

Band, '36, '37, '38, '39; Basket- 
ball, '37. '3$, '39; Baseball, '36; 
Camera Club. '39; "L" Cub '38, '39. 

Page Ten 

Charlotte Isabell Elmore 

"She has a tear for pity and a hand 
open as day for wanting charity." 

French Club, '37, '38; Home Eco- 
nomics Club, '36, '37. 

John Reeves Gamble, Jr. 

"li'hate'er he did was done with so 
much ease." 

President Senior Class, '39; Treas- 
urer Junior Class, '38; Treasurer 
Sophomore Class, '37; Advertising 
Manager Pine Burr, '39; Wolf 
Staff, '38; Entre Nous. '39; Band, 
'36, '37, '38, '39; Marshal, '38; 
Football, '36; Camera Club, '39; 
Class Reporter, '37; Senior Class 
Delegate to Chapel Hill, '39; Treas- 
urer Band, '38. 


"In. her tongue is the laze of kind- 

Entre Nous, '39; Camera Club, '39. 


"And like the brook's low song, her 
Z'oice — a sound which could not 

Recitation, '36; Debating, '39: 
Glee Club, '36, '39; "Gypsy Rover," 

Mary Nell Hardin 

"Wisdom of truth and heart of gold, 
charming personality and grace un- 

Basketball, '36, '37, '38, '39; Glee 
Club, '36, '37, '38, '39; Winner 
State Soprano Solo Contest, '38; 
Recitation Club, '36, '37; Winner 
District Dramatic Reading Contest, 
'36; Chief Marshal, '38; Vice-Presi- 
dent National Honor Society, '39; 
Secretary Senior Class, '39; Class 
Poet, '39; Brainbuster Club, '37, 
'38, '39; Wolf Circulation Manager, 
'38; Wolf Staff, '37; "Betty Lou," 
'37; "Gypsy Rover." '39; Art Editor 
Wolf, '38; Entre Nous, '39. 


Charles Eurey 

'Success is two per cent genius and 
ninety-eight per cent work." 

National Honor Society, '38, '39; 
Baseball, '37; Glee Club, '36. 

Burgin Wilson Goodson 

'His time is forever; everywhere 
his place." 

Willis Franklin Hager 

"His mind, his kingdom, and his 
will his law." 

Bus driver, '36, '37, '38, '39; The 
Bibliophiles, '39. 

Maxine Hampton 

"She moves a goddess ami looks a 

Emma Sansom High School. '36; 
Secretary and Treasurer Le Vend- 
reili. '38; Marshal, '38; Commercial 
Club, '38, '39; National Honor So- 
ciety, '38, '39; Assistant Business 
Manager Pine Burr, '39; Wolf Re- 
porter, '39. 

Alma Victoria Harrill 

"How pure in heart and sound in 

Home Economics. '37, '38; Glee 
Club, '38; The Bibliophiles, '39; 
Entre Nous, '39. 

Page Eleven 

Earl Daniel Hawkins 

"Men of few zvords are the best 

Commercial Club, '38, '39; Mar- 
shal, '38. 

Robert Wayne Heavner 

"Patience is a necessary ingredient 
of genius." 

Band, '35, '36, '37: Glee Club, 
'38, '39; Commercial Club, '38, '39. 

Bertha Holland 

"A daughter of the nods, divinely 
tall and most divinely fair." 

French Club. '37; Basketball. '36. 
'38. '39. 


"A maiden calm, serene, and shy, 
forever with a hook- hard by." 

Recitation, '38; Wolf Staff. '38; 
Commercial Club, '38, '39; Secretary- 
Treasurer National Honor Society. 
'39; Pine Burr Staff. '39; Library 
Assistant, '38. 

Willie Ruth Hovis 

'And ne'er did Grecian chisel trace 
a nymph, a naiad or a grace of 
finer or lovelier face." 

Commercial Club, '38. '39. 

Mable Ruth Heavner 

'Her ways are ways of pleasantticss 
and all her paths are peace." 

Home Economics Club, '38, '39. 

Lethia Anna Hoffman 

'Love be true to her, life be dear to 
her, health stay close to her, joy 
draw near to her." 

Commercial Club. '39. 

Dan Hoover 

"If ignorance is bliss, then 'tis folly 
to be wise." 

Band, '36. '37, '38, '39; Football, 
'37; Junior Vice-President, '38; Wolf 
Staff, '38; Pine Burr Staff, '39; 
Camera Club, '39; Class Reporter, 

Evelyn Elizabeth Hovis 

"She is pretty to wall; with, witty 
to talk with, and pleasant to think 

Commercial Club. '38. '39; The 
Bibliophiles, '39; Vice-President Bib- 
liophiles, '39; Wolf Reporter. '39; 
Soft Ball, '36. 

Daphine Florence Hoyle 

"A rosebud set with little wilful 

Basketball. '36, '37, '38, '39; The 
Bibliophiles. '39; Glee Club, '36; 
Commercial Club. '38. '39; Soft Ball, 
'36; Wolf Staff, '38. 

Page Twelve 

Nell Jonas 

"A sweet temper is to the house- 
hold what sunshine is to the trees 
and flowers." 

Commercial Club, '38, '39; Glee 
Club, '37; "Betty Lou," '37. 


"To see her was to love her. love but 
her and love forever." 

The Bibliophiles, '39; Commercial 
Club, '38, '39. 

John Letherman 

'I'll publish right or wrong; I'm not 
in the roll of common men." 

James Christopher Martin 

"Errors, like straws, upon the sur- 
face flow; he who would search fur 
pearls must dive below." 

Josephine Miller 

"Happv am I; from care I'm free! 
Why aren't they all contented I the 

Marshal; Basketball, '38. '39; 
Commercial Club, '39; Debating, '39. 

Elizabeth Lawing 

"Thy modesty is a caudle to thy 
merit. " 

Library Club, '38; Wolf Staff, '38; 
Marshal, '38. 

James Leonard, Jr. 

"Life is not so short but that then- 
is always time for courtesy." 

Commercial Club, '38. '39; Mar- 
shal, '38. 

Louise Letherman 

'Iter very frowns are fairer far 
than smiles of other maidens are." 

Entre Nous. '39. 

Horace Mauney 

'It is not wise to he wiser 


William Wilson Modlin 

■'// school and fun clash, let school 
go smash." 

Band. '39; Entre Nous, '39. 

Pag.' Thirteen 

Carl Carpenter Mullen 

"Nothing great or good can ever be 
accomplished without labor ami 


■'She's wit, she's charm, she's com- 
mon- sense." 

Glee Chili. '36; "Betty Lou," '.in; 
"Gypsy Rover," '39; Basketball, '36; 
Brainbuster Club. '36, '37. '38; Reci- 
tation, '36; Debating, '3i3\ Assistant 
Editor Wolf, '38; Circulation Man- 
ager Pine Burr, '39; Marshal, '38; 
National Honor Society, '38, '39; 
Entre Nous, '39; Chief Cheer Leader, 
'39; Delegate to Chapel Hill for 
National Honor Society. 

Tom Porter 

'The world's gre 
commonly been < 
its great scholars 

t men have 
'■eat scholars 
great men." 


Mary Esther Rhyne 

/; attractive girl, a friendly girl, 
girl so full of fun. a brainy girl, 
carefree girl, a thousand girls in 

Class, '37; 
Staff, '37; 
'39; Entre 
philes, '39. 

38; Secretary Sophomore 

Historian, '39; Wolf 

National Honor Society, 

Nous, "39; The Biblio- 


"Ah, you flavor everything; you are 
the vanilla of society." 

Band, '36. '37. '38. '39; Vice- 
President Band, '39; Basketball, '37, 
'38, '39; Commercial Club, '38, '39; 
Soft Ball, '36; Wolf Staff, '38; 
Senior Class Treasurer, '39. , 

k« A 


7k: m:ri'\ <iart )..' to do with might 

and main lehat you can do." 

Band, '35, '36, '37. '38, '39; Glee 
Club, '36; Football. '37. '39; Football 
Manager. '38; Dramatic Club. '34; 
"L" Club, '39; Basketball, '38; Base- 
ball. '39. 

James Benjamin Patton 

"He does not postpone his life but 
lives already." 

Marshal. '38; Camera Club. '39; 
Commercial Club. '39. 

Kenneth Lowe Proctor 

"A good sportsman he, doth with his 
ivhole heart play the game." 

Baseball, '36, '37, '38. '39; Basket- 
ball. '37, '38, '39; "L" Club, '38, 
'39; Wolf Staff, '38. 

James Elliot Robinson 

"/ dare do all that may become a 

Commercial Club. '38, '39; Mar- 
shal, '38. 

Kenneth Rudisill 

"Little minds are tamed anil sub- 
dued by misfortune, but great minds 
rise above it." 

Baseball, '36, '37. '38, '39; Basket- 
ball, '33. '30, '37: Football, '36, '37, 
'38, '39; Manager Basketball. '38. 
'39; President "1." Club, '39; Pink 
Birk Staff. '39; Wolf Staff, '38. 

Page Fourteen 

"Fate laughs at probabilities." 


ebud garden 

"Queen ruse of the 
of girls." 

Wolf Staff, '38; "Betty Lou," '38; 
Marshal, 'iH; May Queen Attendant, 
'37; "Gypsy Rover." '39; Trio, '39; 
Basketball, '37; Glee Club, '36, '37, 
'38, '39; Prophet, '39; Treasurer 
Entre Nous, '39; Brainbuster Club. 
'37, '38, '39; Vice-President Brain- 
buster Club, '39; President Glee 
Club, '39. 

Steve Monroe Shuford 

"He most lives who thinks most, 
feels the noblest, acts the best." 

Marshal. '38; The Bibliophiles, '39, 
Treasurer The Bibliophiles, '39; 
Commercial Club, 'M^, '39. 


"/ will pack all my troubles in the 
bottom of my heart, sit on the lid 
and smile." 

Basketball. '36, '37. '38. '39; Glee 
Club, '36; Soft Ball, '37. 


'A happy disposition will often pay 
your way." 

Commercial Club, '38, '39. 


Betty Marie Shrum 

'Those about her from he 
the perfect ways of he 

shall read 

Gordon Mason Shuford 

"Energy and persistence conquer all 


'36; Boxing, '39. 


"Pep in her fingers, pep in her toes, 
a jolly good sport wherever she 

Basketball, '35. '36, '37, '38; 
Camera Club, '39; Wolf Staff. '38; 
Cheer Leader. '37, '38, '39. 

John Paul Smith 

'There is always a best way of do 
inif everything." 

Baseball. '36; Entre Nous. '39. 

Daniel Laban Stroup 

"Never do today what you can put 
off until tomorrow." 

Football. '36, ' .U . '38. '39; Basket- 
ball. '37. '38, '39; Baseball, ' i7 , '38; 
Lawyer, '39; Camera Club, '39; 
Band, '36, '37, '38; Assistant Man- 
ager Boxing, '39; Commercial Club. 
W. '38. '39; "L" Club. '37, '38, '39. 

Page Fifteen 

Robert Sullivan 

'Tilings are bound to happen — why 

Everything comes to him who 

wa its — 'eh v li u rr y?" 

George Whit Tobey, Jr. 

"Loyal-hearted, strong of mind, 
a better boy nowhere you'll find.' 

Football. '35, '36, '37; Baseball 
'35, '36, '37, '38; Basketball. '37; 
Camera Club. '39. 

Evelyn Virginia Turner 

"The hand that hath made you fair 
mode you good." 

Glee Club. '37. 

Charles Whitlock 

"I'm at my best when I'm foolish, 
but I could be serious if I tried." 

Band. '36, '37. '38, '39; Camera 
Club, '39; The Bibliophiles. '39. 

Hubert Yoder 

"Smooth runs the "eater where tin- 
brook is deep." 

Basketball, '36, '38; Student Coun- 
cil, '37; Wolf Staff, '38; Glee Club, 
'39; Camera Club, '39: Business 
Manager Pine Burr, '39; Commer- 
cial Club. '37, '38; The Bibliophiles, 
'39. President The Bibliophiles. '39. 

LALA Cloniger 

"She is herself of best things the 

Vice-President Sophomore Class. 
'37; Wolf Staff, '38; Marshal. '38; 
Brainbuster Club, '38; Assistant Cir- 
culation Manager Pine Burr, '39. 

Daniel A. Thompson 

"Clean conscience and wit lead un- 
to his place." 

Band. '36, '37. '38, '39; Treasurer 
of Band, '39; Baseball, '38. 

Virginia Tucker 

"Her smile shows her happiness, her 
friends her popularity." 

(dee Club, '36, '37; Commercial 
Club, '39; "Betty Lou." '37. 


"Tongue nor heart cannot conceive 
nor name thee." 

Entre Nous, '39. 

Erskine Henry Willis, Jr. 

"The mind's the measure of the 

Bobby Yoder 

'Silence where nothing need be said 
is the eloquence of discretion." 

Camera Club. '39; Band. '33, '34. 


"And the ladies, strange to say, 
pester me night and day." 

Football. '39: Basketball, '34, '35, 
'38, '39; Glee Club. '39; Wolf Staff, 
'39; "Gypsy Rover," '39. 

Page Sixteen 

Senior Class History 

Could it have been we, who are now full-fledged Seniors, who entered the 
portals of Lincolnton High School for the first time as awed and wide-eyed 
students? Hard as it is to believe, it is true that we were the ones who made up 
the Freshman class that hardly-remembered-day not so long ago in Sep- 
tember, 1935, 

We were no more outstanding than any other Freshman class. We learned 
our room numbers and our teachers' names. We registered for our required 
subjects and most of us took Latin. One day we elected our class officers: 
Aycock, Clark, Lawing, and Ballard; and it was then we began to feel a little 
more important . we had a responsibility. After mid-term exams we looked 
forward to the day when we would be Sophomores. We were beginning to 
feel much less inferior. 

We began our Sophomore year. We were no longer handicapped by the 
name "Freshmen," and we developed physically and mentally. Our class officers 
for the year were Clark, Cloninger, Rhyne, and Gamble. We were noted for 
nothing in particular. We were simply hanging in mid-air between the lowly 
Freshmen and the lofty Juniors, waiting for the day when we would no longer 
be Sophomores. But we stepped out on that crisp, cold May morning and 
picked daisies for our beloved Senior class, and that afternoon, we, the Sopho- 
more class, made our debut before the public as we carried the Daisy Chain. 

And we were Juniors! No, never before had. we been so happy or so 
ambitious. Taking charge of the school paper, true to Junior tradition, we 
hoped to be the richest class ever. Again Clark headed our class, and again 
Gamble counted the money. Hoover and Crowell were our other officers. A 
banquet to give the Senior class: this had been our fondest hope for quite a 
while. It was predicted by many that we would not be able to give a banquet, 
but we came through with an enjoyable party. 

We made our next-to-the-last big step. We were now Seniors. With 
Gamble as president and Costner, Hardin and Rudisill, as vice-president, secre- 
tary and treasurer respectively, we started on through our last year. How 
swiftly the days have flown! How happy we have been! And now we are 
rapidly approaching the goal to which we have so long looked forward- 
graduation — when we will take our last step from high school into the world. 

Mary Esther Rhyne, Historian. 

Page Seventeen 

Class Prophecy 

Little did I think that in this good old year of 1949 my dreams of my 
high school days would come true. Here I am, at last, on my way to Switzer- 
land and England — on a big ship for the first time. If only I could see my 
classmates and see if their dreams have come true too! Suddenly I see a tele- 
scope. Maybe I will be able to see my classmates now. Yes, I can, there is 
John Gamble, a famous surgeon in a Washington hospital. Also Alma Harrill, 
Evelyn Hovis, Harrilee Sigmon, Maxine Hampton, and Nell Jonas hurrying 
around from room to room — they are busy nurses. I see Mary Martha Nixon, 
the hospital technician. There is Emily Sue Crowell, a popular patient suffering 
from heart trouble which started her senior year in high school. There goes 
Dan Hoover! He's finishing his second year of internship. 

I turn the glass just a little to the right of the hospital and see a large 
undertaking establishment. I see P. C. Costner, the owner. His assistant is 
another classmate — J. R. Smith. I can now see the business section of Wash- 
ington. On the right is a huge department store. I decide to look inside. Look! 
there are Jimmy and Hampton Childs, partners. Directly across the street is 
another large department store. Here I see Charles Whitlock and Dan Thomp- 
son. These four seem to be bitter enemies. On the corner is a drug store. There 
is Erskine Willis, the pharmacist. Next I see a beauty shop operated by Pearl 
Devine, with Mozelle Ledford as her manicurist. 

By giving my glass a good turn my eyes are traveling rapidly over the 
country. Goodness! I can see Hollywood and the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 
Studios. There goes David Clark across the lot. He is the make-up artist of this 
large company. I look into Studio C where Bobby Yoder, the casting director, 
and Dan Stroup, a famous actor, are talking. I leave this studio and go into 
another. Here I see Virginia Tucker and Violet Seagle who are stand-ins for 
the movie actresses. 

I leave Hollywood and can now see New York City. Up on the twenty- 
eighth floor of a huge skyscraper, I see Charles Eurey, a popular lawyer. His 
secretary is Margaret Beam. On the twenty-fourth floor, pacing up and down, 
is James Leonard giving a course in public speaking to about fifteen girls and 
boys. James Patton is helping him with this work and Irene Avery is his 
secretary. I hear a big commotion in front of this immense building. I see 
Edith Abernethy, a reporter for the New York limes rushing to the scene. 
Passing by in a '49 Cord is Mary Esther Rhync. It seems that she married a 
rich man from New York. 

Wishing to see some of North Carolina and my home town, I give the 
glass three big turns. It is focused on Raleigh. At Meredith College, I see 
Josephine Miller coaching the girls in basketball. Watching her is Lala 
Cloniger, the math teacher. Willie Ruth Hovis is teaching English. I look 
behind the closed door of the dean's office and see — of all things, another class- 
mate! — Ethel Dellingcr. 

Leaving the college, I look into the city. At the Department of Agri- 
culture I see Leonard Blanton and Ezell Schronce, taking care of the Agricul- 
ture problems of the state. In another office I see George Whit Tobey. Wonder- 
ing what office he has been elected to in my long absence from home, I look on 
the door and there I see the word "Governor." Am I proud! And there is 

Page Eighteen 

Mildred Craig, his secretary. In a large "Ladies' Ready-to- Wear" store are 
Bertha Holland and Modena Sigmon. In the Western Union office is Louise 
Letherman. Her assistant is Lethia Hoffman. 

There goes Seibert Lockman strutting along the street. He is the owner of 
an automobile factory. In another building are Betty Sbrum and Mable 
Heavner giving singing lessons. Going on up several floors, I see Kenneth 
Proctor, a famous author, writing a book on "How to Play Good Basketball." 

Moving over to Greensboro to the Woman's College, I see Mary Craig 
Caskey coaching the girls' basketball team. Marie Houser is teaching History. 
In another room are Nadine Hallman and Lorene Wehunt, instructors in 
French. Evelyn Turner and Prue Smith are teaching English. Looking into 
the Bible class I see Kathaleen Ramsey, the teacher. 

Moving over to Durham I see "Chunk" Rudisill coaching the "Blue 
Devils" at Duke. They're hoping to go to the Rose Bowl this year. If they 
beat Bick Mullen's "Tar Heels" they will be able to make the trip. 

Being in a hurry to see the classmates who are in my home town I give 
my glass a quick turn. It is focused on the Courthouse. There I see Johnny 
Smith, the commissioner of agriculture. Going around the court square I see 
Kenneth Barkley, manager of the Barkley Furniture Store. Looking around 
I see several successful farmers of Lincoln County talking. They are 
Steve Shuford, Gordon Shuford, Wayne Heavner. Burgin Goodson, Richard 
Mauney, and Floyd Willis. Going on down the east side of the Court- 
house I see a new modernistic building. Here I see Clyde Lowe and Ralph 
Cashion: this is their new office building and they are selling insurance. Edna 
Denton, Charlotte Elmore, and Gwendolyn Goodson are working in a new 
fur storage company, and the Dixon brothers, Robert and Harold, have a dry 
cleaners' establishment. I see a grocery store where Earl Hawkins and Carl 
Mullen have a thriving business. Moving down the street a little I decide to 
look into the post office. Inside is Johnny Autin, the postmaster. His wife, 
the former Elizabeth Lawing, is just coming in. 

Moving by the police station I see James Martin, a detective, surrounded 
by several policemen, James Robinson, Frank Boggs, and W. E. Ballard. 
They seem to be listening to some exciting mystery story. Passing by Belk's 
Department Store I see Robert Duncan fitting shoes on Edna Bumgarner. 
Jacob Canipc is also working here. A few doors above this store is a jewelry 
shop run by Daphine Hoyle. Over this store is the office of John Letherman, 
a young dentist. I also see Frank Hager, pastor, going into a near-by church. 
At the edge of the city I see the dye factory which Robert Sullivan founded. 

Wondering who the teachers are in the High School I focus the glass over 
in that direction. Looking into Room 101, I see Jessie Rudisill teaching Ninth 
grade Algebra. In the next room is Alda Grigg: she is teaching French. Hubert 
Yoder is the new Librarian. 

I have seen all my classmates except one — Mary Nell Hardin. Thinking 
she may be on the other side of the earth I point the telescope toward India. 
I see her! She is a missionary. 

My eyes are too tired to go any farther, but I have already seen all my 
classmates and know that they are all happy and prosperous so I am con- 
tented. Knowing that there will be many sights to see in Switzerland and 
that I must get my beauty sleep so that I will be ready to meet some dukes 
and lords in England, I decide to retire and rest my weary eyes. 

Mary Self, Prophetess. 

Page Nineteen 

Last Will and Testament of the Senior Class 

We, the Seniors of 1939 of Lincolnton High School, having at last reached the end of our 
high school days and having achieved the envied position of "Seniorhood." knowing that we are 
about to depart forever from this, our beloved school, feel it fitting to leave these things to the 
future Senior Classes: 

ARTICLE I: We entrust to the future Seniors our work of searching for the Senior privileges, 
wishing them all the success in the world. 

ARTICLE II: To all underclassmen we bequeath our dignified way of conducting ourselves 
and our modulated voices. May they be of use. 

ARTICLE III: Individuals. 

I, Irene Avery, do hereby will and bequeath to Lottie Baker my ability to work Math. 

I. Johnny Auten. bestow my position at left end on the football team to Wilson Goodson, 
hoping he doesn't get hit as hard as I have. 

I. Kenneth Barkley. will my desire to become an aviator to Edwin Keever. 

I. Margaret Beam, do hereby will anything I have to anyone who wants it. 

Leonard Blanton confers upon Ralph Sisk his knowledge of agriculture. 

I, Prank Boggs. do hereby will my ability to pass Government to anyone who will take a 
chance on using it. 

Jacob Canipe wills his seat in English Class to Bill Holbrooks. 

I. Ralph Cashion. return my nickname. "Shelley.'' to its rightful owner. 

I, Mary Craig Caskcy. do hereby will and bequeath my quiet disposition to Betty Gabriel, 
hoping that she will reach my hard-sought-for grade of ninety-five. 

I. Hampton Childs. will my tremendous energy to next year's photographic editor. 

David Clark leaves his ability to make the teachers angry to Pee Wee Mauney. 

I. Lala Cloniger, do hereby bequeath my name "Shorty'' to Harrielee Goodson. knowing she 
deserves it. 

I. P. C. Costner, will on my last breath of school life, my ability to work Math to 
Harry Cohen. 

I. Mildred Craig, will my shortness of stature to Julia Alycc Hoover, thinking she needs it. 

Emily Sue Crowell thinks it wise to leave her share of conceit to anyone who wants it. 

I. Ethel Dellinger, do hereby will and bequeath my liking for English and English teachers to 
Isabel Hipp. 

I. Edna Denton, confer my ability to keep quiet upon Frances Wood. 

I. Pearl Devinc. leave my height to Tillie Eaker. 

I, Harold Dixon, bestow upon Harold Caldwell my trumpet playing ability so he can play 
something besides "Show Boy." 

Robert Duncan leaves his ability to keep quiet to Christine Grayson, hoping that she will use it. 

Charlotte Elmore grants to any eligible Junior her privilege of going home at ten-thirty. 

I. Charles Eurey. do hereby will to Pink Tolbert my vast knowledge of Senior English. 

I. John Gamble, will my noble position as "Bell Pusher" to Bobby Willis. Erskine's little 
brother and Tom Porter's chief competition. 

I. Burgin Goodson, leave my ability to learn General Science to Robert Ewing. 

Alda Grigg wills her height to Roxanna Lynch so she can be a basketball star. 

I, Frank Hager, do hereby will my position as bus driver to Alfred Hagcr. 

I. Nadine Hallman. confer upon Birdie Ruth Keener my typing ability. 

I. Mary Nell Hardin, do will and bequeath my ability at basketball to Julia Alyce Hoover. 

I. Alma Harrill. will my place in the library to Minnie Sue Barger, hoping that she will then 
be able to find a book to please her. 

I, Wayne Heavner, do hereby will my ability to drive a bus to William Wise so that he may 
thrill the girls as much as I have. 

Lethia Hoffman leaves her stenographic ability to Ruth Hoffman, hoping she won't have to 
rush to get her typing in on time. 

I. Bertha Holland, will my place on the basketball team to Sudie Belle Holland. 

I. Dan Hoover, do hereby will and bequeath my musical ability to Mr. Miller. What I am in 
the music world today. I owe to him. 

I. Marie Houser, gladly leave my place as Mr. Cashion's secretary to anyone who will take it. 

Page Twenty 

We. Evelyn Hovis and Edith Abernathy, do hereby will and bequeath our fondness for giggling 
in class to Marie Heafner and Elizabeth Schrum. 

Willie Ruth Hovis leaves her studious ways to Louise Keener. 

Daphine Hoyle bestows upon Betty Garrison her black "curly" hair and brown eyes. 

I, Seibert Lockman. will to Whitey Heafner my ability to make love to the women. 

We, Lib Lawing and Maxine Hampton, leave our ability to keep quiet to Evelyn Garrison and 
"Tenny" Weaver. 

I, Mozelle Ledford, leave my habit of getting my typing in on time to Eloise Wyant and) 
Thelma Ledford, hoping they won't have to rush as I did. 

John Letherman wills to "Ed Wynne" Keever his place as candid cameraman. 

I, Louise Letherman, will my dimples to Lola Kate hoping she will get Walter. 

I, James Martin, do hereby will my ability to learn Math to Robert Ewing. 

I, Richard Mauney, will to Reece Blackwell my ability to pass on conduct hoping that this will 
not keep him off the Honor Roll. 

Horace Mauney leaves his job as bus driver to Clarence Carpenter. 

I, Josephine Miller, bestow upon Betty Gabriel my brown eyes to set off her blond curls. 

I, Carl Mullen, leave my ability as typist to Julius Sherrill. 

I, Dick Mullen, do hereby will and bequeath to Bill Harkey and Eddie Seagle my great feat of 
passing Algebra in five years. 

1, Bill Modlin. leave my studious behavior to James Schrum. 

I, Mary Martha Nixon, will my loud speaker to Yvonne Reinhardt, so she will be able to call 
the boys easier. 

I, James Patton, bequeath to Dorothy Burke my place as Key man of the Camera Club. 

Kenneth Proctor leaves his place on the basketball team to Whitey Heafner. 

I, Mary Esther Rhyne, do hereby will and bequeath my "Yankee accent" to Irene Robinson. 

I, Kathleen Ramsey, leave my knowledge of Math to Tom Reep hoping he will not have to 
take it again next year. 

I, James Robinson, leave my bus driving job to Robert Ewing. 

I, Jessie Rudisill, will my skill at gum chewing and candy eating in class to Bobby Lander. 

Kenneth Rudisill confers upon Whitey Heafner his love for Athletics. 

I, Ezell Schronce, do hereby will my place in Lincolnton High School to Mary Frances 
Schronce. hoping she will be as successful as I have been. 

Violet Seagle wills her ability to get a "beau" from Union to Claudia Carpenter. 

I, Conrad Seagle, will my ability to skip without being caught to Frank Heafner. 

Betty Schrum leaves her knowledge of Math to Jack Walker. 

I, Mary Self, bequeath to Mary Lillian Jonas my ability to write so Miss McClain can read it. 

I, Gordon Shuford, leave my knowledge of Math to Bill Letherman for he certainly needs it. 

I, Steve Shuford, will my knowledge of Latin to J. D. Abernathy. 

Harrielee Sigmon gives her position as Cheerleader to Elizabeth Schrum. 

I, Modena Sigmon, do hereby will my position on the basketball squad to my sister, Katherine. 

I, John Smith, leave to John Heavner my ability to get along with all my teachers. 

I, Prue Smith, will my ability to pass Government to Ethel Sullivan. 

I, J. R. Smith, do hereby will my ability to work Bookkeeping to James Fortenbury. 

Dan Stroup leaves his "sweet" job as Class Lawyer to Jerry Tilson. 

I, Dan Thompson, will my talent for the trombone to Gene Modlin. 

I, George Whit Toby, think Junior Gabriel might be able to fill my place on the baseball team. 

I, Evelyn Turner, will my habit of talking in English class to Mary Ruth Weaver. 

I, Charles Whitlock. will to Bobby Willis my ability to play a snare drum so he can learn to 
keep time with the music. 

I, Erskine Willis, loan my Plymouth to Jerry Tilson so he can go to Poplar street more often. 

I, Floyd Willis, leave my knowledge of Algebra to my brother hoping he won't have to take 
it three years. 

I, Hubert Yoder. will to Ruth Bradshaw my place as Library assistant hoping she will like it 
better than I have. 

In witness whereof we duly set our seal, on this, the fifteenth day of May. in the year of our 
Lord, nineteen hundred and thirty-nine. 

Signed : 

DAN STROUP, Lawyer. 




Page Twenty-one 


Most Talented 

margaret beam 
Hubert Yoder 




Mary Self 
Dan Hoover 

Best Dressed 

Lib Lawing 
Hampton Childs 

Most Attractive 

Maxine Hampton 
Clyde Lowe 

Most Conceited 

Emily Sue Crowell 
David Clark 


Mary Craig Caskey 
Dan Hoover 

Lib Lawing 
Johnny Auten 

Most Dignified 


Best Sport 

Josephine Miller 
"Chunk" Rudisii.l 

Most Studious 

Mary Nell Hardin 
Charles Eurey 

Most Athletic 

Josephine Miller 
"Chunk" Rudisill 

Page Twenty-two 


Most Personality 

Jessie Rudisill 
Hubert Yoder 

Most Original 

Marie Houser 
Ken Proctor 

Most Sincere 

Margaret Beam 
Steve Shuford 

Most Popular 

Mary Self 
p. c. costner 

Most Typical 

Dick Mullen 

Mary Martha Nixon 


Edith abernftiiy 
Robert Sullivan 

Biggest Flirt 

Mary Esther Rhyne 
Seibert Lockman 

Best -all- Round 

Mary Nell Hardin 
"Chunk" Rudisill 

Teachers' Pet 

Mary Nell Hardin 
Jimmie Childs 

Best Looking 

Mary Self 
Frank Hager 

Most Care Free 


Nell Jonas 
George Whit Tobey 

Page Twenty-three 

Junior Class Officers 

Margaret Anna Winstead President 

JONATHAN RHYNE Vice-President 

Claudia Carpenter Treasurer 

Elizabeth Schrum Secretary 

Mary Abernethy 
Kenneth Arrowood 
Allan Bandy 

Walton Boring 
Frances Brackett 

Page Twenty-four 


Frances Bridges 
Harold Caldwell 
Claudia Carpenter 

Clarence Carpenter 
Edna Carpenter 
Ruth Childers 

Margaret Cochrane 
Mary Agnes Cochrane 
Charles Corriher 

James Fortenberry 
Evelyn Garrison 
Harrielee Goodson 

Wilson Goodson 
Emma Lee Harrill 
Virginia Harrill 

Helen Hauss 
Hilda Heafner 
Clyde Heavner 

Page Tuicnty-tive 


John Heavner 
Martha Hoffman 
Julia Alyce Hoover 

Tommy Houser 
Ronald Huss 

Mary Lillian Jonas 

Ted Kale 
Ernest Kiger 
Frank Kuck 

Bobby Lander 
Harold Lohr 

Ruth McAllister 

Harry Mauney 
Kathryn Moore 
Jimmy Navey 

Reuel Newton 
Bill Page 

Charlotte Ramsaur 

Page Twenty-six 


Ruth Reep 

Yvonne Reinhardt 
Jonathan Rhyne 

Olivia Rudisill 
Ray Scronce 

Elizabeth Schrum 

Harold Schrum 
Gertrude Seagle 
Julius Sherrill 

Julia Clair Thorne 
Jerry Tilson 

Pink Tolbert. Jr. 

Lola Kate Van Story 
Margaret Warlick 
Mary Ruth Weaver 

Margaret Anna Winstead 
Eloise Wyont 

Jacob Wycofp. Jr. 


Page Tiventi/ -seven 

Sophomore Class 


KARL THOMAS President 


ELSIE MAE SUMMEY Vice-President 


( )lyde Avery 
James Aycock 
E. T. Ballard 
Paul Ballard 
Pail Barki.ey 
Ruben Barkley 
Marion Blackburn 
Rf.ece Blackwell 
M ike Beam 
Bill Bo wen 
Rudolph Brut 
Paul Campbell 
Glen Clanton 
Ernest Collins 
Craig Devine 
Frank Eaker 
Ralph Eaker 

Lott IE Baker 
Louise Ballard 
Margaret Ballard 
Virginia Ballard 
Mary Barker 
Blanche Beal 
Lu Alice Beattie 
Bryte Boggs 
Eva Bradshaw 
Louise Bradshaw 
Ruth Bridges 
Tnez Broome 
Mary E. Broth erton 
Margaret Brown 
Dorothy Burke 
Catherine Byers 
Elaine Byers 
Harriet Carpenter 
Estelle Cash 
Grace Cash 
Hazel Cashion 
Martha Jean Caskey 
Odessa Coley 
Margaret Dellinger 
Ruth I >i 1.1.1 nger 

Glen Ellis 
Hilly Ki nger 
Rufus Fish er 
William Fowler 
Paul Gabriel 
Junior ( li.i ■ nn 
Alfred Hager 
Bill Hakkey 
Ause Harvey 
James Hauss 
Howard Helms 
James Hines 
Ray Hoffman 
Bill Holbrooks 
Max Hovis 

Alice Eurey 
Kate Ewi m; 
Virginia ( Ioodson 
Louise Gordon 
Gladys Hayes 
Edna Lee Heavner 
Ruby Heavner 
Marjorie Heavner 
Frances Hicks 
Ruth Hoffman 
Pinkie Holbrooks 
Blonita Houser 
Evelyn Houser 
Helen Houser 
Edith Hoyle 
Helen Huggins 
Mable Huss 
Reba [card 
Josephine I ngle 
r u b y j e n k i n s 
Peggy Johnson 
Ruby Jonas 
Vera Keener 
Birdie Ruth Keener 

Stowe Hoyle 
Charles Hufstetler 
Bobby Lee Hunley 
Bill Hurley 
Edwin Jones 
Doyt Keener 
Gaither Keener 
David Kiser 
Hill Mace 
Bill McGinnis 
John Mel Iinnis 
Noel McGinnis 

DwiGHT M I 1 (HUM 

Gene Modlin 
Jimmy Moore 
John Murphy 


Alene Law) nc 
Maudie Lineberger 
Helen McAllister 
Ruth McAllister 
Ida McCorkle 
Elizabeth McGinnis 
Margaret Mi (Iinnis 
Virginia McLean 
Clara Martin- 
Polly Miller 
Janie Mae Miller 
Vetrie Moore 
Esther Ann Mullen 
Helen Paseur 
Katie Lee Porter 
Sylvia I'm is 
Margaret Quickle 
Wray Ramsey- 
Mary Frances Randall 
Martha Sue Rash 
Mary Reinhardt 
Rachel Reynolds 
Ruth Rhyne 
Irene Robinson 

Claude Nantz 
Bill Ramsey 
Floyd Ramsey 
Bill Robinson 
Harry Robinson 
Jay Robinson 
Jennings Robinson 
Horace Ross 
Eddie Seagle 
Dennis Setzer 
Bill Sigmon 
George Shuford 
G. B. Smith 
Karl Thomas 
David Warner 
William Wise 
Ralph Yarbrough 

Betty Ann Rogers 
Evelyn Ross 
Christine Rudisill 
Helen Rudisill 
Margaret Sain 
Nellie Sue Sain 
Margaret Schronce 
Mary Frances Schronce 
Elizabeth Sciirum 
Mary Sciirum 
Nancy Seagle 
Dorothy Senter 
Ruth Senter 
Nannie Sherrill 
Jency Shuford 
Katherine Sigmon 
Pauline Sigmon 
Martha Ruth Smith 
Katherine Steffin 
Jean Stroupe 
Ethel Sullivan 
Elsie Mae Summey 
Mary Bess Turbyfill 
Marcella Weaver 
Essie Wilson 

Page Twenty-eight 

■ *i- * 




Page Twenty-nine 

Freshman Class 


Louise Holly 
Alice Kincaid 

Frank Abernathy 
J. D. Abernathy 
Ray Abernethy 
John Anderson 
George Arney 
Lee Ballard 
Ruskin Barker 
James Barkley 
G. C. Beam. Jr. 
Harold Benfield 
Doyt Blalock 
J. C. Brut 
J. M. Broome 
Foard Buff 
Clinton Bynum 
Fred Caldwell 
Shuford Canipe 
Douglas Chapman 
Gorman Chapman 
Robert Childers 
Charlie Childs 
Gerald Clink 
1 1 akry Cohen 
Donald Culberson 
Clifford Devine 
Lee Dysart 
Sherwood Eaker 
Thorne Eaker 
James Elliott 
John Moore Ellis 

Bonnie Abernathy 
Margaret Armstrong 
Helen Auten 
Erlene Baker 
Bonnie Ballard 
Roberta Ballard 
Minnie Sue Barger 
Mamie Barker 
Jean Barlow 
Colene Beal 
Beulah Beam 
Catherine Beam 
Kathryn Beam 
Dorothy Blaney 
Bernice Bridges 
Juanita Brown 
Carolyn Buff 
Et h elen e B u m gar n er 
Mabel Burris 
Lois Carpenter 
Velma Carpi x i er 
Dorothy Cashion 
Thelma Cashion 
Margaret Chapman 
Hazel Craig 
Darylene Cody 

. . . . President 

Paul Ellis 
l'i i ( iivou Elmore 
Lee Elmore 
Darryl Ewing 
McDonald Ewing, Jr. 
Robert Ewing 
William Fairclotii 
Joe Ford 
Sam Freeman 
Lantz Gaffney 
Johnnie Gardner 
J. C Gibson 
Junior Goodin 
Ralph Goodman 
Louis Gordon 
Franklin Grigg 
Clyde Hardin 
Kenneth Harkey 
Rober i Harrili. 
Bobby Hauss 
Paul Haynes 
Frank Heafner 
Ralph Heafner 
Harry Heavner 
Dewitt Honeycutt 
William Harold Hovis 
Hal Hovis 
Hi i i v Hoyle 
Walter Hubbard 

Hazel Ruth Cunningh 
Frances Dellinger 
Lois Dellinger 
Louise Devine 
Ti iii E Eaker 
Virginia Elmore 
Virginia Finger 
Betty Gabriel 
Dorothy Gardner 
Betty Garrison 
Frances Gates 
Gladys Goodman 
Hazel Goodman 
Dorothy Neal Goodson 
Floylee Goodson 
Avalee Grayson 
Juanita Haigler 
Betty II x.mrick 
.Margaret Haw kins 
Margaret Haynes 
Km her Helms 
1 nez Holbrooks 
Faith Hoffman 
Sudie Belle Holland 
Louise Holly 

Jack Walker . . 
Kathryn Beam 


Bobby Hurley 


Stowe Jenkins 
Harvey Jetton 
Ralph Jonas 
Eugene Jones 
Hubert Keever 
( 'i.yde Knight 
Calvin Laney 
Jeff Laney 
Billy Letherman 
Tilden Leonard 
David Lineberger 
Walter Lineberger 
I). <>. Long 
James Arthur Long 
Russell McAllister 
Ralph McGinnis 
Richard McGinnis 
.1. ('. McNeely 
Bobby Martin 
James Mauney 
William Milburn 
Tom Mundy 
Jimmie Owen 
Andrew Poovey 
Dewey Proctor 
G. W. Punch 
Tom Reep 


am Mary Ethel Houser 
Martha Ann Hoyle 
Alice Neal Howard 
Louise Hunter 
Bobbie Huss 
Margaret Ingle 
Joyce Kendricks 
Alice Kincaid 
Betty Wood Kiser 
Bry i e Kiser 
Mozelle Lackey 
Margaret Leatherman 
Margaret A. Lemmonds 
Margaret Leonard 
Margaret Lineberger 
Roxanna Lynch 
Juanita Lynn 
Laura McConnell 
Eli z a b ei h McGinnis 
Patsy McGinnis 
Verdie Marie McMurry 
Louise Mauney 
Lltcille Mayberry - 
Frances Moore 
Pearl Moore 

. Secretary 

Cly'de R h y n e 
Ivan Rhyne 
Charles Robinson 
Gordon Robinson 
James Robinson 
Joe Roseman 
Tyler Roseman 
Donald Rudisill 
J. C. Rudisill 
William Rudisill 
Thurman Saunders 
Thomas Scronce 
Billy Sellers 
Robert Sherrill 
James Shrum 
Ralph Shrum 
Melvin Sipe 
Ralph Sisk 
Howard Summitt 
Jack Walker 
Harold Warlick 
Bobby Warren 
Clarence Wehunt 
Carl Whiteside 
Carroll Whiteside 
Sam Williams 
George Willis 
Robert Willis 
Jack Yoder 
Leslie Yoder 

Lena Mae Noles 
Ruth Parker 
Hazel Patton 
Cornelia Perkins 
Ruth Inez Propst 
Pansy' Reynolds 
Helen Rhyne 
Helen Ross 
Margaret Sain 
Laura Mae Sanborn 
Ruby Schronce 
Dorothy Seagle 
Nancy Ruth Self 
Betty Sellers 
Charlsie Sigmon . 
Myrtle Speagle 
Christine Steffan 
Laura Stroupe 
Dorothy Taylor 
Karleen Taylor 
Christine Turner 
Marylin Turner 
Helen Tutherow 
Kathryn Rorerta Weaver 
Ruby Louise Wilson 
Helen Wise 







Page Thirty-one 


Class Poem 

"Hitch your wagon to a star" 
We've heard it o'er and o'er. 
It all depends upon our aim 
Just how far we'll soar. 

As we leave old Lincoln High 
To take life's broader way. 
Some of us may climb to fame, 
Others, stop midway. 

Some may falter: some may fail 
When Hindrance takes its toll, 
But if we aim, then miss our mark 
That's better than no goal. 

Even if we don't succeed 

We'll happier be by far 

Than he who has not tried to hitch 

His wagon to a star. 

Mary Nell Hardin, Poet. 

Page Thirty-two 


Tl ES 

Football Squad 

First Team Position 

Johnny Auten Right End 

Paul Haynes Right Tackle 

Junior Beam Right Guard 

Second Team 
Bill Robinson 
. Ken Arrowood 
Harold Hallman 

Bill Harkey Center Bill McGinnis 

Fred Eaker Left Guard Tom Porter 

Robert Sullivan . . Left Tackle Richard Mauney 

Clyde Lowe Left End Wilson Goodson 

Seibert Lockman Right Halfback . Reece Blackwell 

Dan Stroup . Left Halfback Robert Beal 

Frank Heafner Fullback Dick Mullen 


DICKEY HAIGLER Manager JOE FORD Assistant Manager 


Lincolnton High School 
I.incolnton High School 
Lincolnton High School 
Lincolnton High School 

Lincolnton High School 6 

Lincolnton High School 32 

Lincolnton High School 18 

Lincolnton High School 12 

Kannapolis 6 

Newton 14 


Concord 3 2 

Hickory 7 

Moorcsvillc 6 


Lexington 21 

Page Thirty-four 

Boys' Basketball 

Shibert Lockman 
David Clark 
Clyde Lowe 
Hubert Berry 
Paul Gabriel, Jr. 


Dwight Lockman 
Ken Proctor 
Robert Duncan 
Fred Eaker 
Frank Heafner 


Lincolnton High School 25 

Lincolnton High School 16 

Lincolnton High School .23 

Lincolnton High School 14 

Lincolnton High School .15 

Lincolnton High School 18 

Lincolnton High School 16 

Lincolnton High School 18 

Lincolnton High School 34 

Lincolnton High School 19 

Lincolnton High School 28 

Lincolnton High School 24 

Lincolnton High School 21 

Lincolnton High School 19 

Lincolnton High School 3 2 

Shelby ... 13 

Newton .19 

Concord 11 

Hickory .... 1 6 

Statesville .12 

Kannapolis 15 

Hickory 14 

Newton .19 

Monroe 22 

Shelby .13 

Kannapolis 30 

Concord 17 

Statesville 14 

Mooresville 16 

Mooresville 21 


Lincolnton High School 26 

Lincolnton High School 33 

Northbrook 18 

Denver 20 

Page Thirty-five 

Girls' Basketball 


*Josephine Miller 
*Bertha Holland 
*modena sigmon 
Kate Ewing 
Helen Rhyne 
*Mary Nell Hardin 
Gladys Hayes 
Helen Ross 
Inez Holbrooks 
Roxanna Lynch 

1 Seniors 

Mary Reinhardt 
Elsie Mae Summey 
Margaret Warlick 
Mary Bess Turbyfill 
daph1ne hoyle 
Dorothy Seagle 

*Mary Craig Caskey 
Betty Gabriel 
Irene Robinson 
Katie Lee Porter 

Louise Devine 
Ruth Parker 
Essie Wilson 
*Jessie Rudisill 
Julia Alyce Hoover 
Clara Martin 
Hariette Carpenter 
Ruby Heavner 
Peggy Johnston 
mary ellen brotherton 
Ava Lee Grayson 
Mary Ruth Weaver 

Lincolnton High School .... 46 

Lincolnton High School . . ,43 

Lincolnton High School 1 8 

Lincolnton High School .... 40 

Lincolnton High School .... .21 

Lincolnton High School 26 

Lincolnton High School 48 

Lincolnton High School ... .27 

Lincolnton High School 25 

Lincolnton High School 34 

Lincolnton High School ... 11 

Lincolnton High School ... .27 

Lincolnton High School 34 

Lincolnton High School 26 

Lincolnton High School . . 3 2 

* Non-Confcrencc Games 


Lincolnton High School 4 2 

Lincolnton High School 3 3 


*Shelby .... 46 

*Newton 18 

Concord 38 

Hickory 13 

Statesville 22 

Kannapolis 21 

Hickory 19 

*Newton 2 2 

Monroe 26 

*Shelby 2 3 

Kannapolis 18 

Concord 40 

Statesville 33 

Mooresville 13 

Mooresvillc 22 


Northbrook 12 

Denver 20 

Page Thirty-six 

' "'Jm 

L .\A t g'- vS *- 1«- it '• £*v*5J s * 

::: rf 

Baseball Squad 

First Team Position Second learn 

BILL HOLBROOKS Catcher J. D. Abernathy 

Ken Proctor Pitcher Richard Robinson 

Noel McGinnis Pitcher . . . Ernest Kiger 

Louis Gordon First Base . Charles Eurey 

George Whit Tobey Second Base Paul Gabriel, Jr. 

"Chunk" Rudisill ... Shortstop .... .Jerry Tilson 

Johnny Auten Third Base .Tommy Bost 

Charles Huffstetler Left Field Baxter Schrum 

Ted Kale Center Field . . . Bill McGinnis 

Herbert Berry Right Field James Schrum 


March 24 .... Hickory .... Here 

March 27 Cherryville . . . There 

March 31 ... Statesville .... , Here 

Concord There 

.... Hickory There 

Cherryville ... Here 

Statesville There 

Concord Here 











Page Thirty-seven 

Bill Harkey 

Reece Blackwell 
Wilson Goodson 
Dickie Haigler 


. . Captain 

Paul Haynes . . . 

Hal Hallman 
Frank Heafner 
Bill Holbrooks 

Dick Mullen . . . 


Noah McGinnis 
Bill Milburn 
Horace Ross 

. Co-Captain 

Harold Shrum 
Gordon Sisk 
Tom You nt 

"L" Club 

"CHUNK" RUDISILL . President 
DAVID CLARK Vice-President 

JOHN AUTEN Secretary 

DICK MULLEN Treasurer 

Bill McGinnis 
bill harkey 
Bill Robinson 
George Whit Tobey 
Ted Kale 
Harold Hallman 
Ken Proctor 
Fred Eaker 
Dan Stroupe 
Clyde Lowe 
Seibert Lockman 
Dwight Lockman 
Dickie Haigler 
Reece Blackwell 
P. C. Costner 
Richard Mauney 
Junior Beam 
paul haynes 
Robert Sullivan 
Robert Duncan 
Ken Arrowood 

Page Thirty-eight 

f^ ^^s ^^ 


Childs Thompson Rhyne 


Corriher Miller 

Lincolnton High School Band 

MR. LOWDER ... Director 

MR. MILLER Assistant Director 

Frank Rhyne: Student Director 

JlMMIE CHILDS President 

Karl Thomas 

Melvin Sipe 
Mike Beam 
Jimmie Childs 
David Lin'eberger 
Charles Corri her 
Evelyn Garrison 
Claudia Carpenter 
Ernest Kiger 
Jake W.ycoff 
Risden Burris 
Jimmie Moore 
Bill Page 
Kenneth Barkley 
Bob Hauss 

Alto Saxophones 
Jessie Rudisill 
Allen Bandy 
Bobby Lander 

1 enor Saxophone 
Harold Lohr 

Robert Duncan 
Ronald Huss 
Harold Dixon 
Wilson G oo d so n 
Harold Caldwell 
Margaret Warlick 

Bass Drum 
Jon x ( Jamble 

FRANK RHYNE . Secretary 

JESSIE RUDISILL . Vice-President 

Charles Corriher Librarian 


Charles Costner 
George Minis 

French Horn 
Jerry Tilson 


Clyde Hardin 
Donald Rudisill 
Eloise W'viini 

Dan Thompson 
Gene Moulin 
Rudolph Bri i i 
Frank Kuck 
Tom Por i i h 
Ken Arrowood 
Carl Whiteside 

Frank Rhyne 
Bobby Willis 
R m pii Jonas 
Junior Goodin 

Snare Drums 
Eddie Seagle 
Dan Stroup 
Jean Stroup 
Dii k Mullen 
Claude Nance 
Bobbie Kiger 
Charles Whitloci 

Drum Major 
Dickie Haigler 

Page Thirty-nine 

I ; .j • , : ,, -, 

Glee Club 


MARY SELF President 

Mary Nell Hardin Vice-President 

CHARLOTTE RAMSEUR Secretary-Treasurer 

MlSS MAUNEY . . Director 

Miss WETMORE Accompanist 

Katherine Beam 
Darylene Cody 
Helen Auten 
Marcella Weaver 
Virginia Ballard 
Fdna Carpenter 
Nancy Seagle 
Alice Kincaid 
Betty Ann Rogers 
Emily Sue Crowell 
Betty Garrison 


Margaret Ballard 
Clara Martin 
Mary Lillian Jonas 
Helen Rudisill 
Lola Kate Vanstory 
Mary Martha Nixon 
Lu Alice Beattie 
Birdie Ruth Keener 
Dorothy Seagle 
Margaret A. Winstead 


Ruth Childers 
Gertrude Seagle 
Mary Reinhardt 
Mary B. Turbyfill 
Hilda Heaener 
Katherine Weaver 
Nadine Hallman 
Eloise Wyont 
Katherine Sigmon 
Jean Stroup 
Mary A. Cochrane 

An Operetta: "The Gypsy Rover" was given in the 

Carolling was done Christmas Eve. 

A program was given for the Music Club. 

A joint program with the Band was given. 

Programs will be given at the churches, for the Rotary Club, and at Commencement. 

Will go to Greensboro to compete in the state music contest. 

Page Forty 

National Honor Society 



Mary Nell Hardin Vice- President 

MARIE Houser . . . Secretary 


Margaret Beam Emily Sue Crowell 

David Clark Charles Eurey 

Mildred Craig Maxine Hampton 

Jimmie Childs Mary Martha Nixon 

Mary Esther Rhyne 

Page Forty-one 

The Bibliophiles 

Hubert Yoder 
evelyn hovis . 

Mary Craig Caskey 
Edna Denton 
Dewitt Honeycutt 
Alma Harrili. 
Mozexle Ledford 


ETHEL Dellinger . ...Secretary 

Floyd Wilms 
Charles Whitlock 
Frank Hager 
Mary Esther K hyne 

Frances Wood 
Daphine Hoyle 
Mildred Craig 
Bessie Lee Benfield 

M iss < insxoi i). l.iln ariah 


Mary Martha Nixon 


Mary Self 


Mary Nell Hardin 

Secretary and Treasurer 

Emily Sue Crowell 
Margaret Anna Winstead 
Mary Agnes Cochrane 
Ch \rlotte Ramseur 
Margaret Beam 
Mildred < rah. 
Lala Cloniger 
Miss Mauney, Adviser 

Page Forty-two 

Debating Team Reading Club 

Affirmative : 

Karl Thomas 

Margaret Anna Winstead 

Negative : 

Bill Bowen 
Elsie Mae Summey 

Mr. Shelley Cashion, Coach 
Mary Craig Caskey 
Hilda Heafner 
Mary Ruth Weaver 

Inter Nos 

Venimus. Vidimus, Vicimus 
Elsie Mae Summey . President Helen Houser Secretary 

KARL THOMAS .. Vice-President MARY BARBER Treasurer 

Mabel Robinson Reporter 

Page Forty-three 

Entre Nous 


Emily Sue Crowell President 

JlMMIE CHILDS Vice-President 

Margaret Beam Secretary 

MARY SELF Treasurer 

Miss Miller Adviser 

Camera Club 


Hampton Childs President 


George Whit Tobey Secretary-Treasurer 

Mr. Miller Adviser 

Paqe Forty-four 

Home Economics Club 

Mildred Craig 


Margaret Beam 


Mable Heavner 


Odessa Coley 

Dorothy Burke 



Mable Heavner 

Vet ri i, Moore 

Louise Ballard 

Lois nger 

Alii e Neal Howard 

Ruth Propst 


Floylee Goodson 

[nez Holbrooks 

Mable Robinson 

Hi i< \ [i i 1!k i ki.i ■-. 

Dorothy Neal Goodson 


Nellie Sue Saine 

Margaret Brown 

Ava Lee Grayson 

Roxan n \ Lynch 

Mm Schrum 

Catherine Byers 

Ruth Hoffman 

Km her Ann Mullen 

Juanita Taylor 

Hazel Craig 

Marie Heafner 


Louise Wilson 

Miss Pi 

1 K I I , 


Future Farmers of America 

Leonard Blanton 
D. O. Long. Jr. 


Roy Lee McGinnis . . 

Don Hipp 
Ivan Rhyne . 


. . . Treasurer 

Frank Abernethy 
Ruben Barkley 
Robert Ewing 

William Faircloth 
Frank Heafner 

Bobby Martin 
Tom Porter 
Tom Reep 
ezell schronce 

Mr. Smith, 


Ralph Sisk 
Paul Barkle v 
Foard Buff 
1 1 w<k v Heavner 

Glenn Huss 
Calvi n Laney 
James Long 
Ralph McGinnis 
R ii hard McGinnis 

Page Forty-five 

Herff-Jdnes Company 



In dia napo lis, In dia n a 


Compliments of 

Dave Lerner 


Compliments of 

Piedmont Gasket Go. 


Furniture Go. 

®age Forty-six 

Lincolnton Insurance 
and Realty Go. 


Hoyle Motor Go. 




Authorized Dealer 

Hinson's Garage 

dodge— plymouth 

Phone 296 

Compliments of 

Ramseur Hardware Go. 

Compliments of 

Ideal Chair Co., Inc. 

Lineberger Ice & Fuel Go. 

Lincolnton, N. C. 

Telephone 104 

Page h arty- seven 

Compliments of 

Polhill Chevrolet Go. 

S A i . E! /JflTTaPIirniiiF/ s i : i; \ [CE 


Mai inky Grocery 

Headquarters for 
Staple and Fancy Groceries 

Compliments of 

Eagles 5-10-25c Store 


Fair Price Market 

Lincoln Hardware Go. 

Shelf and Heavy Hardware 

Phone 237 

Warlick Funeral Home 

Licensed Em balmers 

Phone: Day 477 Night 253, 431 

Compliments of 

Annabelle's Bealjty 

Lincoln Motor Go. 

desoto— plymouth 

Lincoln Flower Shop 

Phone 48 

Cut Flowers, Pot Plants, Funeral 

"Say it with Flowers." 
"By Wire." 

Compliments of 

E. F. Drum Funeral 


Goodin & Burris 

Furniture Store 

Page Forty-eight 


icial Stationers 
Class of 1939 


Class Invitations, Cards, 



N. Perkins 
Boston, Mass. 


Compliments of 

J. Robert McNeeley 

Lawing and Gostner 

Shaeffer Fountain Pens 

Whitman & Martha Washington 


Phone 24 

Lincolnton Amusement 

rivoli theatre 
grand theatre 

Western Electric Sound 

Rhodes & Gorriher 

Dealers in 


Belk-Schrum Company 

Lincolnton' s Largest Department 



Page Forty-nine 


We Carry A Complete Line of 

Diamonds, Jewelry, Silverware 

Expert Watchmaker, Jewelry 


S. E. Court Square 

Hovis Grocery 

Phone 302 

Dealers in 



Shelby Studios 


Gastonia, N. C. 

Compliments of 

Tire Service Go. 

Frank P. Barkley 

furniture— radios 

Phone 166 

Shuford Radio Shop 

"A Service to Match the Finest Radio" 

The Shop with Modern Testing 
Equipment — All Work Guaranteed 

Day Telephone 22 
E. Water St. On Court Square 




Phone 420, 112 

Child's Drug Go. 

Phone 9105 

Page Fifty 


■OMING here at the close of so 
many hours of planning and work 
by the staff . . . any message we 
might add in this, our own advertise- 
ment, would savor a bit of self praise. 

Yet, unseen in this example of fine 
book making is the day by day 
co-operation of our personnel, whose 
experience and training in the pro- 
duction of annuals has bridged 
many a pitfall for the staff. 

If, as you peruse the pages of the 
PINE BURR and are impressed with 
their excellence, you too, would like 
to avail yourself of our services 
whether annuals or commercial 
printing we'd deem it a favor if you 
would ask us to call. 

Observer Printing House, Inc. 

College Annual Department 




fXckc(r3M Unruuu, G/wtaiJifr/X^=> 

Cha rlotte, North Ca rol ina 


i *^rv